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New Rogers Support Site

   @Home Corp Acceptable Use PolicyThe @Home Corporation Acceptable Use Policy
   Canadian MSN Start PageMSN Start page for Canada
   Customer Support SiteRogers@Home customer support site
   EarthLink's FAQ PageFAQ Page by Earthlink.net
   Exite CanadaPORTAL : Excite.ca
   My Rogers@home Update PageRogers@Home Update Step By Step Video
   My Rogers@home Update PageRogers@Home Update Step By Step Video
   MyBC.comNews of Interest to British Columbia users

Old Rogers Wave Site

   Old Wave SiteOld (Wave Era) Rogers Customer Support site
   Rogers Wave - Popular LinksPopular sites list from old Rogers Wave customer site

Speed Testing (Not Rogers Sanctioned)

   Computing CentralComputing Central's speed test
   DSL ReportsDSL Reports speed testing
   Speed TestA great site for testing the speed of your connection: effective, simple to use, flexible, and no advertising.  
Both upload and download speeds can be tested at this site using various data sizes ranging from 25KB to 10MB.  The results of each test ar
   SpeedGuide.netHow to tweak your system for optimal speed, whether it is Cable, DSL or Dial-Up.

General Cable Information Links

   Cable Datacom NewsCable Info from Cable Datacom News
   Cable Info LinksCarrick Solutions Broadband Information
   CableWorld Cable InfoCable Information from Cable World
   MIT Cable InfoCable Information from MIT

Network Utilities Sites

   Cable Traffic OptimizationInformation from CableTraffic.com
   Gibson ResearchNetwork security issues and o4ractices are poresented in great detail, Routines to test firewalls and probe your open ports are presented
   Home PC Firewall GuideInternet security using personal firewall, anti-virus, anti-trojan and privacy software as well as low-cost routers with firewall features. Independent third-party reviews of security products for home and SOHO.
   ICQ.comICQ Utilities
   Various Networking ToolsNetworking Tools
   Webpage OptimizationOptimization utilities for Webpages and Webpage designers


   MapQuestMapQuest provides maps and driving directions
   MaptuitGreat mapping, especially for Canadian locations.
   Microsoft TerraServerMicrosoft's TerraServer project (satelite maps of the planet earth)

Reference Sites

   Broadband Internet Access InformationBroadband Internet Service - Access Provider Information and Tests
   Connected - An Internet EncyclopediaConnected - an Internet Encyclopedia
   Cyberlaw Encylcopediaself explanatory
   eHow.comStep by Step instructions from eHow.com
   Internet.com's WeboPediaThe Webopedia, from Internet.com
   Online ThesaurusAn Online Thesaurus
   Self-Counsel PressSelf-Counsel Press - Legal Self-Help
   The Computer MechanicsBest thing the Rogers Cable TV offers. Really helps out users and has a great computer fourm. See alot of your users there.
   Tucows.comThe ultimate place for software downloads
   What does your Phone number spell?Interesting site - lets you figure out what your phone number could spell.
   WhatIs.Com - An Information Technology EncyclopediaAn Information Technology Spefici Encyclopedia

Reviews of Sites, etc.

   DigitalDesk with Mark SchneiderMark Schneider's DigitalDesk from CTV News
   LysatorSite reviews
   Sheridan College Telecommunications Technology ProgramThe Telecommunications Technology program offered by Sheridan College appears to be very impressive (with respect to its' course content).  I believe this link would be of great value to those considering pursuing a post-secondary education in broadband t

Technology News

   BBC's Sci-Tech NewsBBC's Broadband Sci-Tech news page
   Canadian Hot Deals and Price Comparison Siteprice comparison, hot deals, news, reviews, community
   Geekstreet.caAll things Geek in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond...from computer stores, book stores, consultants and services, and ISPs to local Toronto computer events, user groups, tech news, security alerts, and more.
   InternetNews.comInternet News maintains provides stories on a variety of Internet related items
   NewsHubNewsHub Technology News
   PCWorld NewsPCWorld Technology News
   Toronto Globe and MailGlobe and Mail's Technology Page
   Wired Magazine NewsNews section of the well known Wired E-Magazine
   ZDNet News Internet WeekInternet Week section of the ZDNet News site

News, Weather, Sports, Etc...

   Canada.comPORTAL : CANADA.COM
   Canoe.comPORTAL : CANOE.COM
   ClickTVTV News and listings (US only)
   CNNInternational and local news
   CoolCubedirect access to over 250 streaming TV, radio,video stations using Windows Media Player
   Discovery Channel (CANADA)Discovery Channel - Canada
   Excite Start PagePersonalizable Excite Start Page
   NBCi NewsNBCi's news page
   News.comNews.Com is a C|Net site specializing in computer industry news
   Pocket CoolCubethe CoolCube portable for Net surfing
   Rogers@Home Excite PortalPORTAL : Rogers@Home EXCITE PORTAL
   Southern Ontario WeatherOfficial Government Weather forcast for Southern Ontario
   The Weather Network - Canada WeatherCanadian Weather Page

Comics Pages

   MSNBC Comics PagesMSNBC Comics
   UExpresss Comics PageUExpress Comics
   UserFriendlyUserFriendly documents life in a ficticious Internet Service Provider.

Sympatico Sites

   Bell Nexxia Looking Glass (Network Diagnostics)Bell Nexxia Looking Glass
   Sympatico Users' GroupSympatico Users' Group
   Sympatico's Main WebsiteBell Sympatico -  Main website
   Sympatico's Site IndexBell Sympatico's Site Index

Shaw Sites

   Shaw Online HelpSome Shaw proprietory stuff here, but lots of other useful info too.
   Shaw@Home InformationShaws' @Home Info page

Other Online Services

   AOL CanadaAOL Canada
   Haute-VitesseAll about high speed internet in Quebec
   Internet WeekZDNet's Internet Week
   The Computer MechanicsGood Computer Help Site
   YahooYahoo - Web Directory

Tutorials etc.

   Bob Cerelli's Windows PageInformation regarding Window 95/98/2000
   CGI InformationTutorial on CGI
   Firewalling InformationInformation on Firewalling your system
   FTP PrimerThe University of Illinois at Chicago FTP Primer
   Rexx Language AssociationRexx is a scripting lanaguage available on many platforms
   USB InfoPCWorld Article on USB
   UseForeSite - WebDesign TutorialThis page provides access to a lot of good stuff like free JavaScripts, free CGI's, tutorials on SSI, HTML, UNIX, trace routes, tracert, ping, whois, uptime and more

Consumer Advocacy Groups

   l'Union des consommateursA federation of consumer groups in Quebec

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