Announcement: March 16th, 2001

Hello again fellow members,

Today, I proudly announce the creation of a new organization- the Residential Broadband Users' Association, or RBUA- to take the place of the Rogers @Home Users' Association. This change reflects the fact that a good portion of our members are subscribers to broadband internet services other than Rogers@Home. It also expresses our hope for expansion, so that we may be in a position to serve more broadband internet service subscribers who are in need of our assistance. The users that we may soon represent, could come from either the cablemodem, DSL (digital subscriber line), two-way satellite, or two-way wireless spaces- potentially in both Canada and the US. We are the largest organization of our kind in all of North America and are aware of large numbers of subscribers who need help exposing problems with their respective services. This is certainly a lofty aim and, as such, we intend to proceed at reasonable pace in our expansion. After being in existence for more than 2 years now, we shall continue to focus on Canadian cablemodem services and start to branch out as opportunities arise. I would like to give you all my heartfelt thanks for sticking with us after all this time.

With respect to our website at , it shall continue to operate concurrently with the new site at , which is set to be deployed within a week's time. Another announcement will be made as soon as it is online. When this time comes, many aspects of the old site, such as our forums, will be moved over to the new site. Within a few months, which should allow for a sufficient transitional period, the RHUA's server will be decommissioned and only the new one will remain. The organizational e-mail addresses will also change accordingly, so that mine, for instance, will switch from to Not a very complicated change, as you can see.

Today, a new organization is born. We promise that the very same level of devotion, dedication, vigor and veracity that have existed all throughout the life of the RHUA, will continue to live on in the Residential Broadband Users' Association.

Thanks for all your support,

Chris Weisdorf

President and Technical Director, RBUA

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