The Residential Broadband Users’ Association

May 3rd, 2002

Request for comment from Rogers management on imminent Teleglobe bankruptcy filing:

A little over a week ago, BCE announced that they would no longer support their Teleglobe unit's funding needs. The holding company also wrote off the value of their entire investment in Teleglobe. BCE's new chief executive has stated publicly that "most probable route is to seek a chapter 11 restructuring" for Teleglobe. Unfortunately, this can happen at any time.

Does Rogers have a contingency plan in place to ensure the delivery of uninterrupted and non-problematic service for subscribers in the event that either the bankruptcy filing, or subsequent restructuring, adversely affects Teleglobe's backbone transport arrangement with your company?


Christopher Weisdorf

President and Technical Director,
Residential Broadband Users’ Association

Comments received:

Rogers already has an agreement in place with a secondary backbone transport provider. They would not reveal the identity of this provider to us, however. Viable candidates include Sprint Canada, AT&T; Canada, UUNET Canada and perhaps even BigPipe, Shaw's backbone. Telus may also be a possibility. Rogers doesn't anticipate any outages, or any other difficulties, should Teleglobe's network go dark.

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