The Residential Broadband Users’ Association

November 25th, 2001

Special Notice to all ROGERS@HOME customers

The @Home.Com to @Rogers.Com transition website is now processing email activations for all Rogers@Home email accounts.

This website can be reached at http://www.rogershelp.com/

All subscribers to the service should be aware of considerable server loading at the transition website. You should expect delays and related problems.

Once activation is confirmed, utilize the following settings for their servers:

Terayon/Motorola/DOCSIS modems

 POP server:pop
 SMTP server:smtp
 NNTP server:


Lancity modems ONLY

 POP server:pop.broadband.rogers.com (
 SMTP server:smtp.broadband.rogers.com ( or
 NNTP server:nntp.bloor.is.net.cable.rogers.com (

Corrected 11:37PM 11/25/2001

Your new webspace areas will be enabled shortly after the activation of the corresponding email address. There is no need for separate activation, and in fact, the webspace will utilize the same password as the corresponding email account.

--RBUA Senior Council

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