The Residential Broadband Users’ Association

July 23rd, 2001

The RBUA neither advocates nor discourages the pending class action suit brought against Rogers Cable. We continue to believe that our best route to correcting those obvious deficiencies which do still exist is through meaningful dialogue, mutual cooperation and the respect of all parties involved - not through legal action. The organization is fully aware of the mistakes that Rogers and @Home have made over the past two and a half years. So long as progress continues to be made which benefits our constituents, our involvement in any legal action would be highly unlikely. Our official stance on any potential legal action on behalf of our membership has never changed. Keeping with our organizational mandate, we view such actions as a last resort only. Unless we ever come to a situation where there is no alternative, our approach to solving problems will not change. We shall continue our open channel of communication with Rogers, just as we have in the past, as we feel that this will yield the best results for our constituents.

--RBUA Senior Council

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