From: Taanta Gupta
To: Chris Weisdorf
Subject: RE: Written answers to unanswered meeting questions
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2023 14:16:09 -0400 
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hi Chris: the responses are noted  below each questions. again, my apologies
for the delay.  thanks. t.g.
>From: Chris Weisdorf
>Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2023 9:39 PM
>To: Taanta Gupta
>Subject: Written answers to unanswered meeting questions
>Following below are questions from our latest meeting agenda that we are
>awaiting answers on:
>Item 2, point 12: will transfers internal to the Rogers network be counted
>the same as those external to the network?
Ans: As discussed at the meeting, these decisions have not been made yet.
>Item 3, point 3: regular routing on Teleglobe to domestic destinations often
>see packets sent from Toronto to New York and back again, adding to more
>hops; will this kind of routing continue with Cable and Wireless?
Ans: Rogers has many peering arrangements with other ISPs in place and will
continue to establish new peering arrangements in future. As we establish
additional peering arrangements with other Canadian ISPs, we will move
closer to having all domestic traffic remain domestic.
>Item 3, contained within point 6: where are the new groups? Why does the
>process of adding new groups take so long?
Ans: We will be revising our current procedures and updating new groups much
more frequently in the future. New news groups will be added within a
maximum of one week once the changes are completed.
>Item 3, point 7: there is an "incorrect POP3 cleanup" problem with one of
>Microsoft's e-mail clients, Outlook XP; when will this be addressed?
Ans: Chris.  Active investigation on this  continues. We are investigating
whether this is a wide-spread problem or only affects particular users based
on their particular hardware/application set-up. More information will be
shared once the root-cause and solution is found.
>Item 4, point 3: there has not been an outage or maintenance post in the
>newsgroups for months. Why?
Ans:  postings are now on the Rogers website. The timing of this process was
a matter of priority as we needed to build a system that would allow us to
do this in an efficient and timely manner.
>Item 5, point 5: subscribers have never once been briefed on these problems,
>let alone given resolution dates. Why not - especially after our repeated
>requests for Rogers to do this?
Ans: Chris, I am unclear as to the "problems" you specifically refer to.  As
you know,  network performance and reliability have greatly improved since
we made the transition from Excite@Home.
>Item 6, point 1: why are subscribers running secured services on ports 22
>(SSH) and 23 (Telnet) being targeted by the abuse department?
Ans: All servers are a violation of our End User Agreement. While the EUA
Dept. does not typically take action with subscribers found running "secure"
servers as a result of mass scans, we will take action with servers found
under other circumstances. For example. If a subscriber is violating other
area's of the EUA and, as a result, using high volumes of traffic every
month, or consistently having unexplained performance problems that cannot
be attributed to problems with the network, we may check for and take action
against any servers found.
>Item 6, point 2: why are subscribers who have DNS aliases being targeted by
Ans: Subscribers using domain names create customer problems during routine
network segmentation. Our investigations have revealed this often occurs
after network renumbering is performed. We therefore believe the connection
attempts are due to old DNS records pointing to the IP after the subscriber
running the domain has been moved to a new IP address. The subscribers
experiencing these connections attempt feel they are being hacked and the
Rogers network is not safe. For these reasons, any server that is brought to
our attention that is identified as having a domain name, is examined.
>Additionally, as requested, I will provide input to Rogers shortly on these
>following issues:
>Item 2, point 8: will all transferred data be counted towards the upstream
>and downstream monthly limits? Will ICMP (i.e. ping, traceroute, etc.)
>packets count? Will all IP packets count? Will UDP packets count; what about
>multicast packets? Will all TCP segments count; how about TCP segments with
>either of the ACK, SYN, or RST flags set? Will unsolicited packets (such as
>HTTP queries delivered by the Red Alert and Nimda viruses) count; how about
>spam e-mails and web browsing pop-ups?
>Item 6, point 3: subscribers illegitimately disconnected due to "abuse" are
>never presented with evidence justifying such punitive action. Why not?
Ans: Chris, we do not accept your premise.  We investigate each situation
and respond as appropriate. It is our responsibility to ensure a quality
network and any action that negatively impact this quality, or impacts the
service for other customers is handled appropriately.

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