Announcement: November 25th, 2001

To all Rogers@Home customers:

If you've been using your email address to receive email from the lists, you MUST unsubscribe and re-subscribe to move the subscription to a different email address.  This does NOT need to be one of your new email addresses.

To subscribe a new email address, head over to:
for the announcement list (read only, recomended for everyone)
and / or
for the discussion list (open posting)

and enter your new email address (wherever you want to receive the emails) and a password of your choice.

Then, return to:
and / or

And scroll to the bottom.

There is an area to enter your email address as the last box.  Enter your OLD subscription address and click on "Edit Options"

From there, enter your OLD password into the unsubscribe password box, and click on "Unsubscribe".  You will then get a confirmation.  If you dont know your old password, instructions are on that page on how to retrieve it.

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