Announcement: September 25th, 2000

Hello again, all. I just wanted to let you all know what happened at this latest meeting with management. I think it went extremely well and that's not even compared to my past meetings. No matter how you look at it, I think this meeting was very productive and should yield us some great benefits. I feel that John Tory and Dermot O'Carroll took everything I said very seriously and didn't try to deceive me in any way. They didn't attempt to divert blame and were up front with everything that was discussed, unlike with my prior meetings with Rogers@Home management.

Ten topics were covered, which were written up in my meeting agenda and will be posted to the site as soon as this post goes through.

The whole point of this meeting was to establish contact with the most senior of management at Rogers Cable and lay the groundwork for future open communications with these officials. I was there to present the facts from a consumer standpoint to management, so that we might get answers and results on these issues as soon as possible. I did not press them for immediate answers or solutions because I wanted complete honesty on the discussion topics at hand. I think I got it. Further answers and solutions are pending, but if this meeting was any indication, I think we can count on them.

Below are the answers I received at my meeting:

  • answers on the mail server problems are pending
  • news server issues not a problem right now, but will definitely be mentioned in the future as a preventative measure
  • the Ontario DHCP server, as of fairly recently, is operating separately from the other services, like DNS, mail and the HTTP (web) proxies. Reliability has been increased because of this, but there is still a good deal of room for improvement
  • past peering problems with UUNET and my total dissatisfaction with how they were handled, was also discussed as a preventative measure; no pending news
  • Rogers is in the process of deploying three OC-48 (~2.5 Gigabit per second capacity) fiber optic rings through several Cisco Gigabit Switch/Routers: one for the Greater Toronto Area, one for the Ottawa region and one for SouthWestern Ontario
  • the ym1 (York Mills) segment in Toronto was migrated onto this OC-48 ring the night before my meeting (between 2AM-6AM on the 21st), thus eliminating the serious connection problems plaguing everyone's connections on that entire segment
  • more capacity was delivered to the slnt1 (St. Laurent) segment in Ottawa on the 15th, resolving some of the major connection problems over there, but some still remain. More capacity will be delivered soon and that segment should be migrated to the OC-48 ring in time (I will get a more specific answer on this over the next few days)
  • with respect to the servicewide mail services credit, I was told that the $10 per person figure was just a rumour; more answers are pending on this issue
  • both attendees were unaware of any problems related to the TeraPros, so answers are definitely pending on this issue
  • answers are pending on the @Home IRC server issue
  • the past CANIX/TORIX overloading was discussed as a preventative measure; no answers pending at this time
  • the attendees were aware of major problems developing since Labour Day, but not of the deterioration occurring over the past few months; they were surprised to learn of the support staff's supposed assumption of subscriber fault, no matter the circumstances; more answers are definitely pending

Those are all the pertinent facts gathered from my meeting. I will certainly post more info as it becomes available.

An additional meeting will happen as early as mid-October, only this time with several other attendees consisting of senior RHUA members. Both John Tory and Dermot O'Carroll will again be in attendance.


Chris Weisdorf

President and Technical Director, RHUA

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