Announcement: September 18th, 2000

Hello, all. It's been a number of months since an announcement has last been made to this list and I apologize for that. Now, progress is once again being made. More content is being added to our website and another meeting with management is only a few days away. Very recently a meeting date was finalized between myself and officials from Rogers Cable senior management. The attendants from Rogers will be John Tory, President and CEO, along with Dermot O'Carroll, Senior VP of Network Engineering and Operations. The meeting will take place this Thursday, the 21st.

The issues to be discussed include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • the major mail server problems over the past 10 or so months
  • the news server retention times (recently showing great improvement) over the past year
  • the Ontario DHCP server unreliability over the past number of months
  • the (now solved) peering problems between @Home and UUNET on the east coast that lasted for at least 17 consecutive months
  • the massive overloading of circuits leading from the St. Laurent (slnt1) and York Mills (ym1) segments to the Ontario regional data center (RDC), over the past 3 weeks
  • the servicewide mail services credit that Rogers@Home management announced to both subscribers and the media in January, but never came
  • the numerous sporadic and serious outages suffered by a vast multitude of subscribers with Terayon TeraPro cablemodems
  • AND

  • the absolutely horrid state of technical support today and its deterioration over the past year; this would include the hope for rapid, efficient and accurate communication of the service's problems to subscribers, by both management and technical support

I must stress that this meeting is not at all like the prior two. Before, I met with primarily Rogers@Home management, which, as it was gradually revealed to me, never possessed any real power to change the state of our service. Rogers@Home is a division of Rogers Cable and, as such, is obviously controlled by Rogers Cable. For this reason I am very confident that meeting with Mr. Tory and Mr. O'Carroll will yield greatly positive results for subscribers in both the short and long term. They have the power to alter this service to benefit consumers and I will try my damndest to convey our plight to them, so that they do.

I will present a report on this meeting following its conclusion, just as I have in the past. It will be posted to this list and made available on our website. Until then, please continue to visit our website and tell friends and family who are subscribers, about our cause.

Regards and thanks,

Chris Weisdorf

President and Technical Director, RHUA

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