Announcement: August 4th, 2001

Hello again fellow members,

The agenda for our latest meeting with management has just been posted. It would have been posted yesterday as promised, if it weren't for the interference of the Code Red worm/virus. Code Red caused many domains, including @Home's, to be blocked by the company that hosts the RBUA's website. FTP, mail and web access were all cut off for nearly a day's time. Everything is fine now and is expected to stay that way. Just as a reminder, folks, please always check ALL your e-mail attachments with a newly updated virus scanner- even if the messages in question are from people you know.

Regarding a report not being released of our fourth meeting, there have been few complaints about this. Those few complaints, however, make a compelling case for even an incomplete report containing mainly rough data from the meeting, to be posted. We represented you at this meeting and so you deserve some sort of report on what happened. One of the key reasons why nothing was posted in the past was that the information on our last agenda contained everything that we brought up at the meeting. In addition to this, we have never posted incomplete or rough information in the past and didn't want to start now. Something will be released within a week's time after a report of our latest meeting is posted.

The latest agenda has been posted here-

Previous agendae and reports can be found here- (fourth meeting agenda, April 5th of 2001) (third meeting report) (third meeting agenda, September 21st of 2000) (second meeting agenda and report, June 9th, 1999) (first meeting agenda and report, March 8th, 1999)



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