Announcement: August 3rd, 2001

Hello all,

Yesterday evening, without any fanfare, we conducted our fifth meeting with Rogers management. The meeting began at roughly 5:15 PM EST and ended at about 8:15 PM.

5 people, including myself, were in attendance from the RBUA senior membership; Rogers had 9 people present; Excite@Home had 1 person attend. A list of the attendees will be included in the meeting agenda, which will be posted within the next 24 hours. I will send another announcement as soon as this is up on our site.

Within the next 5-7 days, a full report of the meeting shall be made available on our website. As for a report of our fourth meeting with management, I greatly apologize for it not being created and posted over the past number of months. I must admit that we were quite unprepared to gather and collate all the information that was received in the 5+ hour span of that last meeting. Additionally, this was our first meeting which had more than 1 person in attendance from our organization. This lead to a lack of comprehensive notes on each topic discussed, along with inconsistences in some of the information that was gathered. Combining these notes proved to be most problematic and time consuming. Due to these and other logistical difficulties, we were unable to construct a suitable report of the fourth meeting. Time definitely was a factor at first, but when it came right down to it, a proper report couldn't be written up.

Now, I know there will be those of you who are upset that this happened; believe me, we at the core of the RBUA are the most upset of them all. It seemed so simple, but in reality turned out to be far more complicated than anyone could have imagined. Of course, we learned from this experience and took a number of effective steps to avoid any problems at subsequent meetings. These steps have allowed us- and will continue to allow us- to gather all the relevant information so that it can all be divulged in a timely manner. From here on in, I make the commitment that our management meeting reports will be created and posted within the 7 days following the adjournment of each meeting. Similarly, meeting agendae will be posted within 48 hours.

Regarding our latest meeting with Rogers, we will present a report of it in the perspective of any progress that has been made since April when the last meeting was held. With respect to each issue, it shall be noted whether there has been any improvement, degradation or no notable changes.

Again, I sincerely apologize on behalf of the group, to all of our members for what happened following the fourth meeting. This is the first mistake we have ever made as a group and we don't intend to ever repeat it. We will do our damndest to ensure that nothing like this happens again.



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