Announcement: June 18th, 2002

Fellow members,

I will be interviewed live on Report on Business Television's "The Bottom Line", hosted by Michael Vaughan, tonight (Tuesday, June 18th) at 6 PM EST. Can't watch it at that time? Not to worry. It will be rebroadcast at 9 PM and then at 1 AM. It will also appear at least once over the weekend.

If you'd like to view the show online, it will be made available tomorrow off of the RoB TV Bottom Line webpage at

The subject of the interview will, of course, be the bit capping issue. Peter Costanzo of Bell Sympatico was also supposed to be present at the interview to provide for some healthy debate of this issue. He is listed at as one of the guests. Bell, however, recently had a change in sentiment and cancelled his appearance. Rogers, also, was not interested in having anyone appear on the show tonight. I wonder why?


Chris Weisdorf

President and Technical Director,
Residential Broadband Users' Association

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