Announcement: April 4th, 2001

Hello fellow members,

Tomorrow (Thursday), seven senior members of our organization, including myself, shall be meeting with Rogers Cable management. This won't be unlike my last meetings with management, only this time there will be six others joining me. The meeting agenda, along with a full report of the proceedings, will be made available on our website a few days following the meeting. We will be discussing all the issues that have been brought to our attention by all of you, over the past number of months.

On a side note, most of you have probably noticed by now that the RBUA's site is now functional. It can be reached at at any time. Since we are not totally settled in yet, we ask that you please bear with us while everything is migrated to the new site. There are obviously going to be a few kinks in the new site's design at first, so if you find anything of note, you can e-mail it to

Finally, on the new site there is an option to officially join the RBUA. I would ask that each and every one of you who are on this list, who have a broadband internet connection, to please fill out our online form and join us. Our effort is nothing without your support. We certainly wouldn't have come this far without it.

Regards and thanks,


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