Announcement: March 3rd, 2002

Fellow members,

On February 27th, we conducted a conference call with Rogers management on those issues which were not addressed at our February 5th meeting. The results can be found here-

Additionally, I was called by Taanta Gupta, Rogers Cable's Senior VP of Media Relations and Alek Krstajic, Rogers Cable's Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, on the morning of March 1st. This was to notify us of a name change involving their internet service, from "Rogers@Home" to ”Rogers High Speed Internet”. They'll receive no marks for originality there. An e-mail will be sent out to subscribers this week notifying them of the change. Also, they indicated to me that the $5 modem rental charge, which appeared on the bills of some new subscribers, will disappear in April. Rogers needed to implement their $5 per month price increase for new subscribers as quickly as possible, so this charge was mistakenly levied for some subscribers to account for the increase and not for others.

Lastly, on the afternoon of February 22nd Peter Hope-Tindall, one of our senior members, and I met briefly with Rogers management on the server issue. Dermot O'Carroll (SVP of Network Eng. and Ops.) and Nancy Cottenden (Manager of Media Relations) were there in person, with Vic Pollen (SVP of Customer Care) and Taanta Gupta joining in via conference call. It was explained to us that the e-mails to all subscribers running servers were misinterpreted and that their policy of allowing casual servers to operate has not changed. Only abusive servers are at risk for disconnection. Everyone else is safe. Please see for our definition on what a casual server is and what you can and can't do with your server. Management also promised that we would receive notification of "any significant change in policy" well in advance of the actual policy change. This is very encouraging to us and we'll hold management to it.


Chris Weisdorf

President and Technical Director,

Residential Broadband Users' Association

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