Announcement: February 10th, 2002

Fellow members,

On Tuesday, February the 5th, we at the RBUA conducted our sixth meeting with Rogers senior management. The agenda of this meeting has just been posted on our website. A report of what occurred at that meeting will be posted tomorrow. I will make an additional announcement when this is done.

The latest agenda has been posted here-

Previous agendae and reports can be found below- (conference call regarding transiiton from Excite@Home to Rogers) (fifth meeting agenda, August 1st of 2001) (fifth meeting report) (fourth meeting agenda, April 5th of 2001) (third meeting report) (third meeting agenda, September 21st of 2000) (second meeting agenda and report, June 9th, 1999) (first meeting agenda and report, March 8th, 1999)


Chris Weisdorf

President and Technical Director,

Residential Broadband Users' Association

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